Whalecome whale doormat

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Thanks for caring Bill Gates. We all get old and sick. We somehow have to improve the quality of life as we age.. My dad died of Alzheimer’s and it is horrible. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for helping with the disease.. My husband died last year after living with Lewy Body Dementia for a number of years. I had an autopsy done of his brain and there was a finding of Alzheimer’s also and a third finding of oxygen deprivation damage (he had sleep apnea). I wonder what the correlation is.. Thank you Bill for being a good example of our better side.. I am interesting on this matter because I had one case in my family. Thank you Mr. Bill Gates for helping in the research for the cure.. I know you did a lot to contribute to make people’s lives better…. I am deaf and it would be cool if you add closed captions. Whalecome whale doormat

Whalecome whale doormat

My condolences to the loss of your father Mr Gates. May God Rest In Peace His soul.. Your questioning is critical to spurring research, however nobody wants to hear our findings, because it would take away profits from big pharma. . Sorry for the loss. Hope your research will be fruitful and benefit for all people who have it. Brain is the most complicated and amazing things and my Dad is 80 now. God Bless you,Melinda and your foundation!. The world owes you a huge thank you for all what you have done and doing to contribute through your charity, the vaccination projects world wide Whalecome whale doormat You alone have mastered this organisation and never stopped I know you are the kindest most generous human being that walks this Earth Long may you live a happy healthy life. You are establishing the organization that is necessary to tackle this and many other diseases. Thank you so much.

Whalecome whale doormat

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