What Is A Female Veteran Poster

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All you folks with laughing emojis, I would just like to know what’s funny about putting America first. What Is A Female Veteran Poster. If you dont love this country and our President, you need to leave this country.

What Is A Female Veteran Poster

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Where’s that infrastructure bill Trump’s been promising since the beginning of his campaign. IMHO, if there’s no infrastructure bill, there’s no rebuilding going on. How stupid ARE you people, really? Infrastructure is being built everywhere across the country. You wouldn’t know if you are a Rachel Maddow worshiper though. Just like comparing Trump rally attendance with the Democrat front-runner, Biden, in front of his dozens of supporters. My only fear continues to be how the DNC will cheat and try to steal 2020. They let up in 2016 because the fix was in and they knew they had it. They’ll go all in in 2020. What Is A Female Veteran Poster. We love you Mr. President and we thank you for making our country great again, for continuing the destruction of the Deep State actors, for opening our eyes to all of the corruption, for continuing to take down the networks that have been trafficking and abusing our children, for showing the rest of the world that they cannot get away with killing our citizens or our soldiers, and for making us the envy of the rest of the world once again!! May God continue to bless you, your family, our military, our citizens and our amazing Constitutional Republic. The democrats are beating trump in the polls, even the ones that have only 1% like cory. funny thing, none of them have more than 50 people show up for a rally, trump has 100 thousand show up.

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