White american eagle classic cap

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Tamara NicholsHuman Commodity What an oddity,… See More17 . Amanda JeanIn what world is someone making 6 less than 24? Definitely not here in minimum wage land buddy.10 . Angel NegronMy rent is 1900$, 3Br apt and its the lowest in the tampa bay area. I can’t imagine a system where two people working minimum wage and it just being enough to cover rent. Wow! No money for a car, food, etc. You can get your food, phone, light, water bi… See More21 . Niki FrenchkoKeeping people down with no plan to lift them up? People deserve opportunities to advance, not just a stipend or subsidy intended to keep them down. What’s the long range plan here? That facilitates opportunities for upward mobility?10 . Top FanRachel BeaRent goes up but not wages. And instead of affordable housing they build luxury housing. Think of all the luxury homes in NYC currently vacant because they’re extra homes for the wealthy, or unsold. Maddening.66  White american eagle classic cap

White american eagle classic cap

Nick ErnstIf we build millions of houses, what will stop banks from only selling them to people that are already extremely well off, and those people then gouging everyone for rent/resale, which is exactly what is happening now?33 . Dawn SkullyTaxes, zoning, and regulation have destroyed the possibility of affordable housing. Tiny homes built for the homeless are bulldozed by The State because the houses don’t meet code.14 . Doreen RaffaTo build affordable housing you have to lower the expenses on real estate. Except what they do is the opposite and raise property taxes, water and sewer expenses, utilities, maintenance, interest rates and mortgages ……. They also use real estate t… See More18 . Erin WarnerIt would be cool if 20% of my income didn’t go to pay for my totally inadequate health insurance. 69 . Armando A. Castro RachmacyNo, no and no… what we need is universal healthcare and free education, so that people can make the choice and have free access to pursue a degree that will give them the skills to get a well paying job and so that treating a medical issue doesn’t ta… See More255  White american eagle classic cap

White american eagle classic cap

Nick SmithIf wages kept up with inflation, we’d be at about $23 an hour now. And $18 an hour for the average tenant? That seems highly skewed. I don’t see any jobs around that pay that much. The highest paying jobs I see around here are $16 or $17 an hour, a… See More21 . Christine ArmstrongI think empty buildings and malls should be converted to housing. They could have shops on the bottom level and apartments on top. The rent could be regulated and it would be similar to tiny house villages.20 . Jazimyne BickhamUh why cant we just pass rental caps. Why do we need to build more low income housing to keep poor people in poor areas? To keep them in the cycle of poverty? No we just need to pass rent regulations.64 . Joel SilversteinBernie, I like some of your stuff, not all. How about we lower the personal income tax by 20%, then increase the corporate tax by 10%. That becomes a win win.21

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