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Trump has been a complete abomination to this great country. Why cats rule poster. Let this dark chapter of our nation end with the expulsion of Trump.

Why cats rule poster

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Even past Republicans Presidents wants the Clown in the White House out! That’s how low they think of him as a leader. Biden 2020. I love reading all these Republican attacks on Bill Clinton’s character. They wouldn’t understand irony if Mike Lindell taught it to them. u must not have saw the pictures of bill clintion getting a massage from Epstein’ s accuser that is everywhere tonight. I saw you dear lear openly saying he “grabs them by the P” and coveting his own daughter on TV. Remember the saying about glass houses. did you know that I have to have a high school diploma to comment? Why cats rule poster. You r welcome to read but commenting? Diploma required. It’s pretty sad that all of the living former presidents have been stepping up and filling in the gap in leadership left vacant by the current president… they’ve literally done nothing but push their parties agenda. They aren’t stepping up in any way. If they really cared they would help despite party lines, but that’s not at all what’s happening. Just because Carter called Joe Biden the right person, I’m not Voting for Joe Biden, I don’t trust Jimmy Carter. Go out and vote. You will not be allowed to vote via mail-in. Trump doesn’t care crowding in polling places in this time of pandemic. He will do anything to get re-elected.

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