Will remove for beer face mask

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I doubt he will get anything, he off the Scots when he bullied a 91 yr old woman because she would not sell her house to him that she had lived in all her life. Will remove for beer face mask. They literally ran him out of the country then.

Will remove for beer face mask

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He owes people money for work they done for him and the 2 golf courses are failing because people wont support him now. yeah well we would not stand for his antics or foul mouth. Will remove for beer face mask. He lost over 11million last year between the 3 clubs. He has lost money in Scottish clubs for 7 years in a row now. Scottish people will not support him, he will eventually end up selling them. You can take it from this Scot, we do not want to give your inept Potus anything and if our Govt does, it will come back to haunt them. it’s really all I’ve been able to do to maintain my sanity over the last 3 and a half years. Laugh at it. I hoped his ineptitude would do more to stumble his worst inclinations, than to hurt us in the long run. That was going okay-ish. There was plenty going wrong but nothing so bad that it couldn’t be repaired after he was out.. Untill a real and immediate crisis came around. He was good at making crisis’ to fix but the first one that wasnt part of his schtick has us in a deep tailspin. Let Jared and Ivanka help pay his bills? They made over 82 million last year in regards to the Presidency, plus, tRump is a billionaire, so let him pay for it, not the tax payers money!

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