Will only remove for bourbon face mask

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Joe you always were down the middle now you have made a hard left turn your now the puppet for AOC and Sanders along with the nut case Warren you are now turn into a leftist Socialists just like them they now your 77 years old in early stages of dementia you will do what they say. Will only remove for bourbon face mask. Look what’s happening in are cities crime rate is sky rocketing killings even little kids most people in the USA want law and order and don’t want to defund the police like your leftist new bosses do.

Will only remove for bourbon face mask

Will only remove for bourbon face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I really believe that his goals to destroy America. It makes total sense. When you fight and argue with health experts and science during a pandemic. When you keep spreading lies and fear willingly. You’re not looking out for the country. They just stopped the free testing in Texas. Today at noon, the military was demobilized. Will only remove for bourbon face mask. They were putting it on. No more free test. The local government said they don’t know when it will be offered again. You can get a test in Dallas county with a doctor referral and you have to pay for it. People are dying, people are loosing their loved ones, have a little respect and compassion! I know its too much to ask of you and the others like you! Try man, I’m a teacher, I take care of my 83 year old disabled immune compromised mother. I have been social distancing for the past 4 months, sacrificing everything trying to prevent her death from this virus. I don’t want her to spend her last moments in a hospital bed, hooked up to ventilator all alone dying. I am fighting face to face school opening with all I have. There are so many like me out there. What is wrong with you and the Trump campaign? Where is your humanity

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