Williams Martini Formula racing f1 hawaiian shirt

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End the supplements! So many people had to work through the pandemic. Doctors, nurses, all additional healthcare workers and staff, police, firemen, paramedics and EMTs, and many other essential people in a host of other businesses. The $300 a week is in addition to unemployment payments. People that continued to work throughout the pandemic did not get a $300 weekly supplement. There is absolutely no excuse to continue to support people that are able to go back to work but are living on these handouts.. Ric Lommerse and no increase for social security people even with the increases in fuel and food.. Dick Linderman They announce increases in October but dont expect much.. Ric Lommerse Yep I’ve worked the whole time in grocery. No extended paid vacation for me. Just tics me off I am paying for those lazy s.o.b’s now.. Lisa Ackerschott Those lazy sob’s lost their jobs and savings, cashed their 401k’s, health insurance, and maxed out their credit cards to survive. You were lucky that you didn’t lose your job. Williams Martini Formula racing f1 hawaiian shirt

Williams Martini Formula racing f1 hawaiian shirt

In fact I am going to go to whitehouse.gov right now a tell them just what I think about this crap! Williams Martini Formula racing f1 hawaiian shirt WHITEHOUSE.GOV The White House. Well I’m afraid I wasn’t very respectful to the office of the presidency. But neither are they.. Actually that’s wrong how many actually make a 100k most people don’t make that kind of money and actually nothing should of been paid to illegals it should been paid to Americans that lost their jobs and Americans that went through very much hardship and low income Americans and it shouldn’t never been paid to foreign countries everything should been paid to help America citizens not to bait Democratic states I could go on and on the people of America . Im a SAHM bc one of our kids is severely handicapped but my husband never stopped working. With Biden’s inflation we’re struggling like hell paycheck to paycheck. So flipping frustrating.

Williams Martini Formula racing f1 hawaiian shirt

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