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People should be allowed to make statements of faith in God without heathens like you commenting. Windsurfing Knowledge Poster. You better hope you’re right that God is a fairytale, otherwise you might be in trouble in the future.

Windsurfing Knowledge Poster

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Take the fact that there are hundreds of different species of animals alone that exhibit homosexual behavior aside from humans, and ACTUALLY reading what Christ says in the New Testament, and you’ll get a little closer to understanding it with your overclocked ape brain. Tim Collins oh, hunny… you need some new friends, maybe a gay couple, or a trans person. Then, you might learn something about humanity. I find it concerning that you think God does anything. I’m sorry you are mentally ill. Like most people that BELIEVE in God . No such thing as gods law. Tim Collins white men have been telling God how things should be done for far too long. Do you need some examples? Such as slavery, genocide, same race marriages, and domestic violence. Windsurfing Knowledge Poster. Did you know you make a better argument in support of slavery than in condemning homosexuality? The Bible is easily twisted to fit the narrative of the majority. Jesus knew that the minority, those who are discriminated against, know the true meaning of the Bible. In fact he was one. Quit trying to shove your straight agenda down everyone’s throat. A little lesbian kissing is beautiful. God made them. Why do you hate god? If you don’t like what you. If you dont like the way the climate is changing and you dont like to see it close your eyes!!! Leave thise of us “NORMAL” humans out of it.

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