Winnie The Pew Soldier Shirt, Tank top And Sweatshirt

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I’ve seen multiple people post that they were turned down by unemployment because they aren’t currently looking for a job. Winnie The Pew Soldier.  That’s bullshit! They lost their jobs because of the virus and now can’t get unemployment. Think we kind of did this to ourselves , not, planning for a bad day! We lived high, have our costly internet, cell phones , beautiful homes, material wants! Me included. Well, now it’s Tell ing us we should not have built our future on sand! We are go I g to sink a little before we can again swim! But, we will!

Winnie The Pew Soldier Shirt

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Winnie The Pew Soldier Tank top
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Winnie The Pew Soldier Sweatshirt

Came here to see what kind of President bashing Bernie was doing instead you earned my respect. Winnie The Pew Soldier. Thank you for not turning this pandemic political. Thank you for coming up ideas even though I don’t agree with all of them I have seen a couple I do. I will not vote Biden Ever He’s a weasel always was. You earned my ear. Supporters better find a way to get him the nomination then it’s a bonafide 2 candidate race. Every industry group should make its case in this crisis. But only those of us who work in restaurants can help revive the economy while feeding and building our communities at the same time. Restaurants were shut down by our governments; they can be revived by our governments to serve the people in their hour of greatest need.

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