Wise Men Say Poster

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Amen to that I have seen so much corruption so much discontent and so much evil. Wise Men Say Poster. Come out of the liberal Democratic Party.

Wise Men Say Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

And then they congratulate themselves for breaking the laws of the nation. And then declared themselves the winner. Rodger stone is going to prison. Hillary Clinton should already be there. Lord Only Knows Why she isn’t James Comey should be in prison. Adam Schiff should be in prison. But they’re all free is it? Yet you see no evil from Trump. Wise Men Say Poster. You see no corruption. You don’t see Trump congratulating himself for getting away with abuse of power. The reason Comey and Schiff are free is because they have broken NO laws. There is nothing to charge them with. Same with Clinton, who has been investigated multiple times and never charged with anything. The only reason you think they should be in prison is because Trump lies to you and you believe his lies. You’re right. I See No Evil coming from Trump. I see no law breaking as you decide. I only see gratitude come from Trump. And Evil and deceit and anger coming from the Democratic party. Who is the party of the devil? Communism and socialism is the root to all satanic. Rule and that’s all I see coming out of the Democratic Party. You don’t see evil in taking revenge on people? You don’t see evil in constant lying? You don’t see evil in showing disdain for the Constitution? You are being fed lies and you believe them. There is no Communism or real socialism. The GOP has been using socialism as a bogey man to scare people like you who are blind to the facts.

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