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Issue is you work all your life and when you need help, you don’t get it. Wish You Were Here Poster. The system is flawed and unfortunately years of hard work mean nothing.

Wish You Were Here Poster

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I’m ex TCX crew and I didn’t sign on as I knew the hassles. It’s been really hard getting back to work as there are literally no jobs going, and the one you like you have to fight off the 1000 people going for it. Total nightmare. The whole thing needs to be scrapped and started up again. I feel so bad for those that have worked hard all their working life and through no fault of their own need help. Wish You Were Here Poster. Kennan totally agree my ex partner always worked until about 5 years when he was diagnosed with copd and heart failure and ever since then he’s had a constant battle with his benefits always threatening to stop them. It’s worse than that you literally pay “national insurance” to cover your safety net, and you are denied what you are owed. Kennan best bit is the doctors are telling him to take it easy and not to get stressed out but it’s impossible when you’re money is constantly being threatened. Because of one job centre staff not doing their job properly I nearly ended up on the streets. Get a job there, and no matter how many time you do your job wrong you’ll never lose it. How they live themselves I’ll never know. I spent a couple of months signing on whole I looked for a new job (which I got without any help from then), and all bar one of the staff at the one I went to were rude and abusive.

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