Witchcraft Knowledge Poster

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To change bourgeois arts to revolutionary arts. Witchcraft Knowledge Poster. Artists must devote themselves to opposing brain control and China’s unprecedented killing humanity, and to fiery social life of revolution!

Witchcraft Knowledge Poster

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Poster- A3
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Poster- A1

Hasty generalization, describing the result of china ’s sabotage and brain control as the result of the US itself. To make people think that true criminal china is good. With excellent American movements, achieving reactionary purposes and negating upward actively spirit. The 17-year-old girl is like a fool who only knows bragging and killing in my hometown. The key to doing art is hard work and true, need to express yourself honestly. The winner isn’t enough sinceree. Westerners are affected now, they were all made by Chinese brain-controlled killings. All the spiritual pursuits of a person are in the body, no one can harm other’s body discretionarily, civilized people are even more so. What’s all of this world. It’s brain control. All political, economic, cultural, scientific, social life is directed by brain control, no open systems, only brain-control system. Every thing in dark is sinful. Changing body properties by particle beam irradiation, then use different waves to activate various pre-made body, then Get the needed flesh, parts or whole. You are easily “possessed” by others with Ubiquitous waves this world. Others can know your thoughts, control your thoughts and behaviors. Witchcraft Knowledge Poster. Humans only divide into good and bad, the controlled people are good, the controller are bad. No border, no systems, so some questions had answer, China rules the world because it controlled brain controllers all of world. It is interesting that the West surrendered China, because politicians are just for a little benefit. The western people are extremely miserable, China’s hereditary “anthropophagy” system was transplanted to the West, Western flesh, skills, knowledge, ideas, temperament, social status, willpower…… are all “eaten”, brain control technology can get everything of people whit waves.

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