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If you’ve done nothing wrong, why do you need to answer police questions in the first place? Witcher memes fck kfc. This was racism, plain as day.

Witcher memes fck kfc shirt

Witcher memes fck kfc v-neck
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I hope they get a lot of money. Because that seems to be the only thing that will get those city that hire bad cops attention. How is this political. You obviously know nothing about trauma or its lasting effects; such as, lifelong PTSD. These children are NOT going to “just get over it.” I am thinking you need to be falsely arrested, handcuffed and placed on the hot pavement face down at gunpoint and screamed at by the police. Witcher memes fck kfc. You may see things differently. Some police in America clearly have no concept of what policing is. They didn’t even identify the correct car. Inexcusable. Whatever it was they were looking for, they should have been sure of the facts before drawing their guns. So if it’s not an accident then gotta suggesting it was on purpose. Care to explain how or are you just simply operating on ‘BLUE MAN BAD’ logic? I 1000% agree with you. I just feel saying they got the wrong car lessens the blunder on the officer’s part. One can understand how you can mistake one car for another. No one can understand how you can mistake a car for a motorcycle. And the only reason I’m making the correction is that often times people read the headline and the comments, and nothing more. I want to be sure no one thinks this is an understandable mistake.

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