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The easiest and most obvious explanation is usually the correct one. Wolf Cloth Face Mask. NYC’s population density is insane.

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Wolf Cloth Face Mask

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Mask- pic 1

Everyone is packed in together and everyone takes public transit. Wolf Cloth Face Mask. A lot more opportunities for transmission. Even in Los Angeles, we’re pretty spread out compared to NYC. Even though I agree with you , South Korea Seoul is even higher on density and population however, they’re quick to eliminate the problems by quick planning and strict orders from state and city government. Not trying to be political but way Cuomo is reacting to the situation rather that taking progressive approach is the major reason … He didn’t take it on himself to problem but he kept blaming on government for his failure. I am all about the constructional rights and government is interfering with my daily life but I think my livelihood is more important at this point. Right. A high rate of obesity has nothing to do with it. High rates of heart disease has nothing to do with. Not following guide lines has nothing to do with it. It’s all Trump’ fault. It’s all Trump’ fault. It’s all Trump’s fault. NYC is also a state that uses public transportation more than any other state. Getting on a bus or subway train looks like a clown car. Pt and density will be a major factor. No the most likely explanation is the fact that city and state officials were telling people to go about their daily lives. In MARCH. Because New York political leaders encouraged citizens to ride the subway and attend parades.

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