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Cash Banister yea his name was barrack Obama the biggest traitor and worst president in the history of this country. John Bentley First of all, Trump University consisted of seminars, and on-line courses which were attended and purchased by people all over the country. Wolf To My Daughter Blanket. However, the lawsuit was started by an Attorney General of New York, presided over by a biased judge who rendered an unfair verdict, and the verdict was upheld by a 3 appellate judge court in San Francisco.

Wolf To My Daughter Blanket

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It is no coincidence that the lawsuit was unfairly started and settled in the two most ultra liberal states in America. In addition, Donald Trump had just been sworn in as President of the United States at the time of the verdict so he wanted to devote all of his time and energy to lead our country forward and not continue to contest the unfair verdict in the courts. 25 million dollars to him is a drop in the bucket. Wolf To My Daughter Blanket. Aand that is why he doesn’t accept a salary but instead donates it to other agencies.

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