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Trumps cult don’t care about anything he does because they have the same low standards of how a president should behave. As long as he insults and belittles anyone who has the audacity to critise him and continues with his juvenile name- calling the will applaud like trained seals everytime. Wolf To My Grandson Blanket. No matter what he does or how many lies he tells they think he is an honest and truthful Christian man.

Wolf To My Grandson Blanket

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It doesn’t bother them that he stood on the world stage and said that he believed Putin over his own intelligence agencies. That he believed that the Saudi Prince didn’t know about the reporters murder That he believed Kim Jong Ung didn’t know about the young man who was tortured by North Korea. As long as they can blame everyone else like trump does whether true or not they really do not care. Republicans refused to fund extra security for embassies including Benghazi. Why is it you trump cultists don’t research before posting? Wolf To My Grandson Blanket. By the way what happened to the investigation into the death of the four soldiers who were killed in Niger?You know when trump told his widow that he knew what he signed up for.

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