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Jessica JoubertCorporate greed is destroying our society. This is NOT what Adam Smith envisioned when laissez-faire was conceptualized. I appreciate your never-ending fight for the other 99% of us Bernie! Even as I give up hope, I still believe in you! 312 . Cj JohnsonHe absolutely should NOT! He’s rich enough to fund it himself! What is his problem?!?!?? Greed at this level is definitely a mental illness – this should not be tolerated, nor should he be treated as normal 313 . Top FanAlena De CandiaWe shouldn’t even have to ask him to contribute to America’s wellbeing. He should just step up and say I’ll pay for all the education in America for a year. In one sentence he could become a shining star, a hero that no one would forget. But no.219 . Lirio Jazmin ZepedaMany of us don’t trust billionaires like Bezos and Musk with planet Earth, much less space. We shouldn’t give them a free pass to exploit space as well. 139  Woman love dachshund and books vertical poster

Woman love dachshund and books vertical poster

Michael DayIsn’t that what the government pays NASA for21 . Top FanMarie Concetta ConcettaWhy does he need our tax monies? He doesn’t contribute. What a sleeze 46 . Tim FehrHe got rich(er) off broken tax laws. He exploited loopholes for sure, but the fact that he was able to is not his fault. If exploration creates jobs and helps the economy, I don’t see why one of his companies could not benefit from assistance, as it wo… See More7 . Zach Hallenbecklmao unless he’s planning on spending his entire wealth plus 10 billion dollars then that’s ridiculous, even then it’s a ridiculous waste of all the money he stole 9 . Top FanJason Mesches10 billion would set ~2500 families (not people… families) up for life, never having to work again and they wouldn’t even touch the principle. It’s time we have a national discussion on how much money is “enough” for any one person to hoard at the ex… See More42  Woman love dachshund and books vertical poster

Woman love dachshund and books vertical poster

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