Woodworking carpenter tools box mug

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Ruthanne Powell BrownWhen is there going to be a vaccine available for children under 16? My son is 15 and wishes he could get a vaccine!5 . Len BullardIt will be fascinating to see what normal is after this. We’ve gotten through the flood by rolling our pants up to our nipples and the water is only subsiding slowly. Hang in there, Mr. President and keep rowing.It is a lot easier to dog paddle when the lead dog isn’t farting in our nose with every stroke.12 . Bibhash Deva NathBut the efficiency of the vaccines being used is taking time to attain faith!3 . Mohamed AjraiTHIS WORLD WE’RE LIVING IN IS BUT CRAZY. WHILE MELLIONS AROUND THE GLOBE ARE DREAMING TO GET VACCINATED, OTHERS WHO HAVE VACCINES JUST AROUND THE CORNER REMAIN INDIFFERENT. MR PRESIDENT, IF THEY DON’T WANT TO GET VACCINATED, SEND THE SHOTS TO MOROCCO EVERYBODY HERE IS MORE THAN READY.26  Woodworking carpenter tools box mug

Woodworking carpenter tools box mug

Jon GislasonI believed that the majority of the people who I share this planet with genuinely care about the well-being of other people, and would gladly make small sacrifices to protect vulnerable populations. I was so wrong. Over the past year, I have seen and heard far too many people who have chosen ignorance over reality, all because they refuse to take part in a global effort to save the lives of the people who are counting on us the most… The elderly and the immunocompromised. They choose to believe conspiracy theories over reality, anti-vaxxer propaganda over science, YouTube videos, Facebook memes and untrustworthy sources over medical experts around the world. They politicize a global pandemic, believing that it is all part of a big government plan to control us. Are they taking this stance out of pure selfishness or is it a coping mechanism because they can’t handle the truth?…The willful ignorance of so many has changed the way that I see human beings as a whole… People who I know have shocked and disappointed me with their distorted perspectives of reality. I have lost some of my faith in humanity. I thought we were smarter than this. I often wonder: Would they wear a mask if it meant saving their parents? Their grandparents? I’m not sure that I want to know the answer. One thing is certain: I would do anything in this world to protect mine.41  Woodworking carpenter tools box mug

Woodworking carpenter tools box mug

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