World’s Greatest Tattooed Mom shirt, hoodie and v-neck

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We are progressive but when I read the cnn posts the last years it’s nothing but radical left propaganda.. World’s Greatest Tattooed Mom. I understand CNN is going bankrupt and is run by antifa kinda people but it’s just weird and wrong to put so much attention on greta transgenders and mass immigration as the most important things in the world.

World’s Greatest Tattooed Mom

World's Greatest Tattooed Mom v-neck
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Just stop it.. please. Because more than anybody in my statement of “nobody cares…,” I do not care the most. And whether a movie does well at the box office or flops doesn’t make a difference to me, either. If I like it, I like it. If others didn’t or chose not to see it for whatever reason, that’s cool, too. World’s Greatest Tattooed Mom. Literally do not care. Not sure why those who feel the need to insist they’re being attacked by things that are voluntary to expose themselves to cannot do the same. Barnhart if the only reason it bombs is people not watching it because of a transgender character, then absolutely it will be because of bigots. It will just be ashame. Ashame that kids will be subjected to see this. If so it should have a rating that their parents must be with them. Gia Partida actually it hasn’t. The money they make is staggering. Where are you getting this information? I have a transgender pedestrian path in front of my building. There was a party and everything.. A transgender and a gay guy walked proud over it and made a big thing out of it.. I just watch at it flabbergasted. No one want to see this trash they are forcing us, with this trash tf u talking about, marvel has nothing to do with trans, leave that crap for DC.

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