Wu-tang clan hawaiian shirt

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USA is burning, curfews everywhere, 105,000+ dead, 40 million unemployed, Trump gassing the Americans/protestors. . Wu-tang clan hawaiian shirt. Stop the insanity.

Wu-tang clan hawaiian shirt

Wu-tang clan hawaiian shirt- red
shirt- red
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shirt- gold
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shirt- black

Trump continues to lower the bar on stupidity on a daily basis. Vote Biden, Vote Blue all the way. Anyone who votes for trump is insane..!!! Rodney King riots were in 1992.. Wu-tang clan hawaiian shirt. The last 30 years of presidents should have ‘changed’ something.. And, unlike the other two tools, he doesn’t have to have a teleprompter to talk to the people. I feel and will forever do, betrayed by Obama in many aspects, but it is indeed refreshing to see and hear a guys that can speak. It’s funny reading these comments. People who don’t like Obama, are Trump supporters who absolutely have no clue to what’s real in the world. But we all have a right to our opinions and should leave it at that. I may disagree with you as you will disagree with me. But not let the hate take over. Let’s all get together and agree to disagree. Stop this hatred that has taken us all over. We all are so much better than that. Just because you don’t agree with someone and there political views doesnt mean there is hate.Its the CNN ndbc that is spreading hate this is America free thought and views not socialist society nor is it a globalist society it’s America. Deb Foster Walther I would love to hear from you about what you think is “real” and what is fake ? Let me tell you what’s fake , CNN is fake . Do you even know what that means ? The hatred came from people like Obama and Obama’s like minded people. They all thrive watching America be destroyed, tearing this country apart , in pain.

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