Y’all mothafuckas need science shirt and tank top

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Yesterday i I found nothing and i I walked away with nothing, didnt even called the cops. Y’all mothafuckas need science. This is old story posted again. not a fake news but repeat News for sure.

Y’all mothafuckas need science shirt

Y'all mothafuckas need science tank top
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I believe that. However to be far the amount of infected and recovered is also higher then reported. There’s still so much we don’t know about this virus. At the end of the day it’s your choice to be careful and responsible. I hope and pray for everyone. I actually would like you to show me your supportive data on those infected that recovered as not in account to CDC or world meter whatever factual source you came across on this information. I am aware many pets have been in hospitals with the virus for over 2 months at that and many who recovered got the virus again. Y’all mothafuckas need science. You can keep your hopes and prayers to yourself and do people around you a favor and wear a mask instead. Pretend that wearing a mask and showing a modicum of intellect and respect for others is like a super secret telephone line to God, just for you! James Bogle Sr. I’m pretty confident that asymmetric cases recover without detection I would think that’s common sense. Stay at home, social distancing, wear a mask is a common word i hear these days, but it is so easy to be said than actually do it . There was actually a 60. Minutes special tonight. Maybe you can google it and watch it? It was informative.

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