Y’all mothafuckas need science face mask

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In a life first, I have never had a white person accuse me of being prejudice towards another brown person. Y’all mothafuckas need science face mask. It’s like a parent and a kid ride in the car together they get into a car accident with the parent not wearing a seatbelt..

Y’all mothafuckas need science face mask

Y'all mothafuckas need science face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

It’s a fluke accident. It’s tragic, but it’s preventable. Anything can happen you can hit by lightning, but don’t tempt fate. That’s why some fathers stop riding motorcycles when their kids are young. It’s your choice, but be careful. I’m not accusing you of being racist, and I’m sorry if it came across that way. Sometimes it’s subconscious bias and white women can do it too. You just want to catch it and examine it when it happens. I was saying that your statement about her was judgmental, and was wondering if you would have been as judgmental if she had been male, or white, or married. We all have subconscious biases. But when you advocate using life jackets we get slammed…..my area lost an 8 year old girl to dark water. Y’all mothafuckas need science face mask. Sad sad day, I am sure she knew better. Life jackets save lives! This is about a grown woman and I mentioned a CHILD in my area that lost her life not wearing a life jacket. I did not even know she had a son, no idea who she is and was in no way saying anything about her son. Did you read my comment? so just like I said, I am advocating for life jackets and some……..person…. has to come in not even understanding my comment to argue with me. Thank God her son was wearing one. I hope you wear one too!!

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