Yarn High Top Shoes

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I’ve got a master plan for you joe . U and Beto take all their guns and give them to Bernie . Yarn High Top Shoes. Then he can give them free of charge to all the people that don’t already have them . Lol welcome to the 2020 Dems. Here in Memphis Tennessee we have 3 or more shootings everyday. Babies and kids innocent by standers killed by stray bullets. Even during on interstate driveby shootings everyday. Got to stop.

Yarn High Top Shoes

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Shoes – Pic 2
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Shoes – Pic 3
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Shoes – Pic 4

NRA business, is not Patriotic thing, NRA makes everyone to buy guns. Careless of the people. NRA business just money is important for them, not the life’s of many. Yarn High Top Shoes.  STOP buying guns that ends in anywhere in anybody’s hands. Civilization and Education exist today, clean minds exist today, we are not longer living in the wild of the Wild West of 1800s or 1930s. No more excuses, stop hanging your self from the Second Amendment, we are not at war anymore with no one.. not even killing animals, because animals are in extinctions, do not give yourself excuses to own killing machines such as AR 15 killing machines or others, these does not belong in the Second Amendment period. You not agree? you just act as a toddler brat that’s it.

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