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She was already wealthy when she met him. $35k per episode of suits I believe. Yoda This Is The Way. People like you are a big part of the problem and the reason why Harry feels the need to protect his family in this way.

Yoda This Is The Way

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Like my dad said. She has enough money and a successful career that could easily support them both. If she was a gold digger she would have kept him in the royal family. Linda King Off with her head, eh?? You do realize it’s people like you who’s making them run! Btw, She had lots of money before she met him!! Why do you hate her so much…I forgot your Harry’s Mum arent you…when Diana died you took the role..well reality check NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Linda King she has money of her own if she was interested she would of stayed isnt about money its about staying safe without the media and public criticising her all the time. Linda King you’re vile! Do you know them personally?? Yoda This Is The Way/ People like you are the reason they’re leaving. Try to be a nicer individual. I disagree Linda she just wants to enjoy a simple married life and not be pressured from her daily routine. Be nice lady! Linda King oh rubbish. The British media, tabloids and citizens have been mean to Meghan from the time they found out the two were dated and became more vile as they got married and had a child. Buckingham place stood by and did nothing to protect them. Harry saw first hand what it did to his wife and it reminded him of what his mother went through. Furthernore, in the queen’s Christmas address to the British people, she omitted Harry and his family from her address. They don’t have to tell Harry and Meghan how the feel about you, they showed them. In Harry’s own words “now I have a family to protect.”

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