Yoga poses poster

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And science shows that people with access to healthcare live longer & better lives. Yoga poses poster. Medicare 4 All is still a thing even though you got Liz to pivot on it. You can’t endorse science without recognizing that we are the only industrialized nation without nationalized healthcare. This is the most important issue of your political life. JFK is watching from above

Yoga poses poster

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poster – A3
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poster – A4

We also need a president who’s not afraid to come out of his basement and someone who’s not afraid to debate Trump on the debate stage…. Got any suggestions, Joe. Science isn’t something to believe in. Science is whether you choose to accept the scientific findings or not. Yoga poses poster. Please don’t normalize this as a choice between believing or not believing in science. We need a president who does not regularly use the White House to promote and spread wild conspiracy theories. This country cannot survive another 4 years of Trump + cronies. And for the good of all people, we should also have someone in office that is not on the down slope mentally that can make well rounded decisions.

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