You Don’t Stop Playing Tennis When You Get Old Poster

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I love HAW and Warrior but this one is just Ahhhhh! 4 . Benjamin DouchetteHey avi.. So i spent the weekend in Atlanta. It was fun. Went to the aquarium so that was great. I know you’re thinking Atlanta is in Georgia.. It’s not trust me. You’d be way wrong if you guessed that. I’m not going to tell you where it is.. I’m just … See More . Nathan WalkerI’m satisfied with what heaven is like… I love it there, I get along with all the angels and sometimes they rock and roll with my band. I’m just waiting to go back right now and see if we can get some sponsors running a business to worship God in the… See More . Sedra Nasser FarraOne of my all time favorite song and music video thank you for blessing us with your art Abbey! love you 15  You Don’t Stop Playing Tennis When You Get Old Poster

You Don’t Stop Playing Tennis When You Get Old Poster

Bradley ChampionThis song takes me somewhere and the video is f’n hotter than hell itself!  . Nicholas SkipperI set my 40oz beer beside my bible just for You, Avril.4 . Hatem SaeedLast good track was skater boy and that was it9 . SaintMichael David SalasAlmight michael here i just turn and fuse with bravery this song doesnt discribe avril ok this song Represents a past holy war1 . Top FanMark GeryDon’t bury me alive, sweet talk and alibi.14 . Maxime Le GorjusHope you can come in France next year and see you this mighty beautiful song 7 . Rexy MaguateImagine this song will be the ost of Lucifer. Urgh3 . Theresa HugoOne of your best musicvideos – love it8 . Sophie HowardOh wow that’s crazy! A year ago already! Can’t wait to hopefully see you in March xx8 . Tashdiq HashimYou need better promo team for the next album boo. 2 . Jorge González JAvril R.L. Rock. good melody : )  You Don’t Stop Playing Tennis When You Get Old Poster

You Don’t Stop Playing Tennis When You Get Old Poster

Gerardo RamirezWOW so Increíble… Please continúe for these sentiment… I loved!!!2 . Fareed ShafeegJust awesome ! Will look in to it thanks1 . ChitphyoThat is so great and your donate  . Edelyn F. ErmejeMy favourite singer avril3 . Simon Mc GarryIsn’t maturity a drag. Under my skin album, it the one I crash my car to.1 . Heather RiedlWarrior video is not what i was hoping.1 . Gary KnellDoes this hospital not have taps? . Rick SoadyIt’s too bad she wasn’t canadian. . Fernand BañezMy idol avril Lavigne2 . Adam Fisher2000 water bottles? Come on avril even I could afford that. . Jasmine BfWhere Avril Lavigne fangs teeth?1 . Shannon ParkesAvril, what about donating to the hospital’s back home here in Ontario!! I understand you live in LA but still don’t forget where you came from1 . Valeri Kotinskiit’s noble. but I can’t help myself to not smile, remembering yet famous Slimsecrets and Fittea! remember those funny product placements, Avril Lavigne I do! esp. that one with Fittea, when you were sitting in a chair, having a cozy pose and staring… See More1

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