You just fold it in face mask

Do you want it? You just fold it in face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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If the governor took things seriously and not opened the statw up so early. You just fold it in face mask. Also her mom worked in a hospital.

You just fold it in face mask

You just fold it in face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

So yeah most likely her mom would still be ALIVE. She was a frontline worker trying to save lives. How is a respiratory therapist going to stay away from people without masks? Forgets that the governor didn’t require mask and tried to do away with cities right to Govern themselves while being dismissive of the seriousness of the pandemic. Definitely sorry for your loss but you can mandate anything you want it doesn’t mean people are going to do it. You just fold it in face mask. No, the individual is responsible for their own health. No one person has the ability to heal or prevent illness of another unless they seek help from a learned doctor for a particular ailment. And no one can magically know that ailment unless the individual recognizes the symptoms first. She was a respiratory therapist and therefore a front line worker. If you can’t bother to read the article then don’t bother to comment. Amanda Kennedy I read the article. That’s why I clearly made the statement in reference to which mask work. Jeez what an idiot.!!! Heartless trump supporters not facing the truth. Abbott’s buttlicking trump to open Texas up too early caused sickness and death. All of the Republican leadership in Texas is to blame. she is special to this girl because it’s her mother and she only had 1. Your a bit sick you’ll figure it at you have a mother also.

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