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Michael b Jordan will always be Reggie from all my children to me. Jodi Leigh. I’m still waiting to make the cut, but congrats to MB Jordan.. Shouldnt have ever had that title in the first place.. Michael Jordan over John Legend any day.. Yeah because we were all so concerned how you would take this.. I just want to know who is picking the sexiest men. Because I have bones to pick with them.. I don’t know HOW John Legend won that. Trish Marie Peters. Neither one does it for me. Two fine looking black men…They both deserve it. When’s it his turn? You are my person mug Play GIF. I absolutely love both of these gentlemen. Both genuine and handsome.. Are you people crazy!!! Why is Jason Mamoa not the sexiest man? He’s got it all and then some… Finally, they got it right with Michael B Jordan . Not sure how John legend made that list.

You are my person mug

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1. John legend is NOT a sexy man. There is an arrogance and conceded way about him. Its a turn off.. Still don’t know how little chipmunk won last year. Legend should of never graced the cover of People magazine, now Michael deserves every page of the magazine.. Laughing at the person who took a post about Sexiest Man Alive and turned it into another discussion about Trump/Election You are my person mug Pause GIF. I wonder what people would say if Donald Trump was the winner? . I think it’s Anthony Mackie but I digress. Congrats Michael. Play GIF. I just can’t unsee John Legend as Arthur the aardvark . Ellee Ferraiolo John Legend hands down cutie. if he is the sexiest, then i am the most handsome. So John Legend did try to keep his title? We are so conditioned by bad behavior now. Does he want a recount before conceding? Maybe Lindsey Graham should get involved and see if votes can be thrown away. I’m sure Trump will tweet I Won The Sexiest M… All i see is the king that is Jeon Jungkook . Where are all the men??? When I think of the sexiest men. John Wayne, Cary Grant, James Garner, Sean Connery comes to mind…… These pretty boys that People picked are disappointing to say the least. Average age of respondents was apparently 16 . Thanks for teaching me what a zaddy is. the 2nd defn in the Merriam Webster link is useful.. Girl you are too much!!!

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He should have won. Supernatural has been around for many seasons and it’s ending but this man makes it the best show. People how in the world have you not selected Jason Momoa for this title is beyond me. He has everything! Stunning looks, awesome personality, wonderful husband and father. Come on!. How did Sam Heughan not make it on any of these lists?. Mitch McConnell should have won!

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