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This is why trumpers need to have their heads examined. Your bowl my bowl. Dangerous, reckless thinking, and intentionally causing harm and wishing harm on others.

Your bowl my bowl shirt

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shirt- navy
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shirt- red
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shirt- black

The people that can envision this are the ones capable of this is a proven fact. The other 96% of the american pop knows this is nonsense. Hospitals only get paid more when a patient is placed in a ventilator. There is no money received for Covid related deaths. With the AIDS epidemic, nobody ever died of AIDS but from complications associated from having AIDS. I think this Covid-19 may be similar to that. If a person has Covid-19 but has a history of heart disease and has a heart attack they still would probably list it as Covid death just for the fact that the virus would exacerbate the existing condition to the point of death. How about this playbook – thoughtful people check the facts. Your bowl my bowl. Alt Right Trumpsters are too lazy or don’t care to fact check so they just dismiss anything that does not fit their narrative. So what does the Coronavirus have to do with anything regarding overpayments to hospitals ??? You spouted a bunch of BS here. i keep seeing this argument which is partially but not entirely correct. My question is….they get paid more than as opposed to what other diagnosis? There are tons that pay more than others. So mpre than what?? Donald Trump the hospitals have a reputation to uphold, if caught lying they could lose their Accreditation. You have absolutely no proof that they are falsifying records.

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