You’re A Fantastic Son Trump Mug

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Times are tough??!! That is a freaking understatement!!! I refuse to go into grocery stores, and when I decide to order online, grocery stores tell me it will be until March 24th for my order to be delivered!! Talk about tough times!! You get to eat filet mignon, when I have a couple of cans of corn and green beans to eat!! You’re A Fantastic Son Trump Mug. This government sucks. In the debate Joe said that if the banks went under people would lose their money in checking and savings accounts. I would like to point out that absolutely untrue and it’s concerning that he believes such a thing. The FDIC has existed since the ’30s to specifically prevent this from happening.

You’re A Fantastic Son Trump Mug

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I just chipped in…Joe you have the momentum and that is why I am putting my money where my mouth is and getting on your team but please reach out to Sanders’ base. My college and young adult children do not feel you are talking to them. You and Sanders are around the same age but the young are loyal to him. You’re A Fantastic Son Trump Mug. Do what Obama did to get everyone young and old, rich and poor on his side….by the way if you changed your mind from 20-30yrs ago that is fine don’t deny if true (do appreciate you trying to provide the context in which you made certain decisions)…transparency and honesty go a long way!

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