You’re Killin’ Me Vols shirt, v-neck, hoodie

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My first memory of dragon ball z is actually kinda weird. You’re Killin’ Me Vols. I was 7 years old and I just got a gameboy advanced Sp.

You’re Killin’ Me Vols shirt

You're Killin’ Me Vols v-neck
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You're Killin’ Me Vols hoodie

I really wanted a game where I could fly and shoot energy beams out of my hands so I asked my mom if I could get this dragon ball z game. Little did I know it would turn out to be the thing that would get me addicted to Dragon Ball and anime in general. The game was The Legacy Of Goku 2 and it’s still one of my very favorite games of all time. You silly Marxist don’t get me wrong now. You can think what you want, voice those thoughts all day long for all I care because it doesn’t affect anyone in any way. It’s a free country. It just amazes me that anyone would waste good time doing any study of his theory. Time is much better spent working and investing your excess earnings for your own future. Take care of your family and don’t expect others to care for you. Practice what Marx preached. Marx would have disowned Lenin, Stalin and Mao, all of whom betrayed the ideals of communism as expressed in the manifesto. The workers were meant to be calling the shots, whereas in reality they were virtual slaves with zero power. As far as the religious factors, one of the greatest failures of Marxism is the atheist angle. Whether it is the communist theory of godbuilding see Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc or in the resurgent Christianity and other religions found throughout the former Warsaw Pact nations. You’re Killin’ Me Vols. Humans have the well known God shaped hole.

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