You’re tidy I Loves You Mug and T-shirt

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Adam Vinn how are the Israelis doing the same? You’re tidy I Loves You Mug. Where are the death camps?

You’re tidy I Loves You Mug

You're tidy I Loves You Mug- magic mug
Mug- magic mug
You're tidy I Loves You Mug- white
Mug- white

Where is the mass genocide on an industrial scale? Where are the millions of corpses? Where are the gas chambers and crematoriums? William E. Phillips Israel has the right of what? Israel is a terrorist colonization and those Zionist settlers are illegals and have no right to claim or steal Palestine from the indigenous Palestinians. I didn’t say anything about death camps. I said concentration camps. Which is essentially what the West Bank and especially Gaza, are. You’re tidy I Loves You Mug. Cole Roffman how dare you to justify the illegal colonization and the murder of the innocent indigenous Palestinians by the Zionist illegal settlers. They’re doing exactly what the Nazis did to them… you are the nazi, bruh! Breon Connolly have you ever heard of Nakba, Naksa, Sabra and Shatila massacres, Deir Yassin massacre, the war on Gaza in 2008 & in 2014 and many many more of the illegal Zionists genocides against the indigenous Palestinians and you dare to deny them? How in-human can you be? Mohammad Shikdar that’s ain’t true. 12,000 Palestinians fought for the Jews alongside the British army against the Nazis during WWII. they were living side by side peacefully, but as usual the Zionists use fabricated sources to justify their illegal colonization to historic Palestine. Salim no . Palestinis never supported Jews in earth history . They fought with powerful Nazis against Jews . William E. Phillips paid for in blood. The plan will fail as the “Palestinians “ , as much as they cry for it, don’t want any two state solution. They want a pile of dead jews and handouts from the West.

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