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Is that a rhetorical question? You’ve Got A Friend Poster. If not, do I have permission to direct message you the 411, because most of the people here know what’s going on and don’t want to hear me repeat it all.

You’ve Got A Friend Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

I will save us both time and effort. Here is how this ends, The Turtle McConnell takes up Impeachment in Senate. Trumo goes on to re-election in historic landslide. Democrats lose many seats hopefully enough to return Majority to GOP. Have a nice day. He’s already sweating how close it is in the polls. I’m not just having a nice day, I’m having a great year! You know who did that? Republicans with Bill Clinton. You’ve Got A Friend Poster. I was a republican at the time and I had no idea how they accomplished that. Impeached for receiving oral sex and lying about it because he was married. That was a domestic issue between him, his wife, and Monica, it had nothing to do with national security or anything political. So, blow job, impeached. Obstruction of Congress, a hoax. I can’t imagine being that delusional. If trump so concerned with corruption why fire top corruption ambassador, and why is he paying millions for fraud right now? Just two simple questions that’s all. And its America and still legal to travel around the world. And not illegal for him to ask anything of them, remember dnc paid for information. I try not to be the grammar Nazi, but when you are commenting on word use (us and our), it is difficult to refrain from correcting your grammar. Young amazingly the only corruption that could be found in all of Ukraine that would help “US” was the Biden’s. Only those easily fooled by bad lies buy this as a valid excuse.

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