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Well and where are the democrats to oppose that. I only see Bernie and AOC and a few others speaking . Cheating to win is the Republican way! Suppressing the black vote by any means necessary is their only chance of winning.. The only way the GOP can win is to cheat!! Unbelievable that our Democracy and Constitutional duty to vote is being taken away!! This is what. Just a thought, why is it not ok to want ID, registration, and training for use of a lethal weapon because it can harm someone but it’s okay to ask for all kinds of id to exercise you constitutional rights to vote?. My “love” is for passing the For the People Act. We have to get that done now or our democracy is toast.. you say its suppression without talking about what makes it suppression.. These bills really should be read before accepting the disingenuous term of “suppression”. Yu-gi-oh blue-eyes white dragon rug carpet

Yu-gi-oh blue-eyes white dragon rug carpet

William Stewart Yu-gi-oh blue-eyes white dragon rug carpet McConnell is Lucy with the football; Dems–and the country–cannot afford to be Charlie Brown. Pass the original reconciliation bill and stop wasting time waiting for a “compromise” that these Republicans won’t, in the end, even vote for.. Hasn’t he had his turn? He should just go home and let the country heal and breathe!. Yes we need to get the Democrats to work to get our Party stronger, the Republicans don’t play fair, so we need to be ready for any and all of their dirty tricks.. Sanders, you used the fillibuster very well when the Dems were the minority. End Citizens United and get the kakistocs out. Then watch reason prevail again. Don’t be distracted from the real reason for the treason.. Rep’s agenda is one of shameless disruption, working for billionaires, rather then uplifting lives of the people. So disgraceful bunch of evils.. During the 2022 election cycle that same mitch mcconnell will then say joe biden failed to unify the country, and republican voters will eat that right up. Mcconnell is a political arsonist.

Yu-gi-oh blue-eyes white dragon rug carpet

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