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so the prisoners were searched. offense. Heavy rain, the tax exemption from the rainfall, half tax tax, tax in the year. In August [August 20 to September 18, 1362], he used Pham Su Manh to keep the hospital in Xu Secret. With great hunger, the king came to the mat to let the rich to collect their grain, distributed them to the poor, and then gave the titles of different ranks. September [September 19-17 October 1362]. Phu Thien Truong had an epidemic and went down to the court to bring medicine, money and rice from the government to diagnose the poor. The king returned to Thien Truong palace, met when the folk had epidemic diseases, and went down to distribute to the poor each of them: two pills, two money [1 money = 1/10 mandarin] and two-pound rice [1 pound = 1/10 match = .6 kg.]. In October, Thien Kien mountain, also known as Dia Can mountain, now belongs to Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province.

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