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Tran Hung Dao expelled the Nguyen army, helping us to keep the realm to avoid the fierce Mong Co’s torment; Nguyen Hoang opened the rich South. All three are virtuous people, bringing prosperity to the people. Yet only Tran Hung Dao is mentioned often, but also far behind Nguyen Hue; Ly Cong Uan is a rare painting; and Nguyen Hoang never. Keep talking i’m diagnosing you mug  The number of tens of thousands of Qing troops is also very untrue. Sun Si Nghi moved by road, but the road was separated by a dense cliff, unable to move such a huge number of troops. During the Vietnamese invasions, the Chinese troops invaded mainly by waterway through Bach Dang or Nghe An estuary. How many inhabitants was Hanoi at that time?

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